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We are a Maif auto insurance agent, We have over fifteen years as a Maif auto insurance agent, We can provide you with a Maif auto insurance quote online, or a Maif auto insurance quote over the phone or in person. Contact us for a Maif auto insurance quote.

As a Maif Insurance Agent, we can offer you commercial auto insurance, dealer tag insurance, motor cycle insurance, dump truck insurance, taxi insurance, sedan insurance,public auto insurance,

Some drivers may ask, why Maif auto insurance?

Maryland law requires all registered vehicles in the state of Maryland  be insured with at least the minimum liability limits. Some residents of the State prior to 1972 could not comply with the law because the standard companies considered them risky. In 1972, Maif or Mary Automobile Insurance Fund was created by the general assembly in Annapolis to solve that problem.

Maif auto insurance is an insurance of last resort. Meaning that you must have been actively looking for auto insurance in the standard market and have been having difficulty finding insurance with standard insurance companies. Maif auto insurance will welcome you so long as you have been turned down by two standard insurance companies, cancelled or non-renewed by one.

There are several reasons why you may to end up with Maif auto insurance as your insurance company:

1) New Driver; New driver means that you are licensed for the first time in the United States regardless of age. In other words your United States issued drivers license is between one day to twenty months old and as such you may considered a new driver. Unfortunately, driving experience outside the USA and in some cases, Canada is not considered. Lets face it, a high percentage of new drivers get into an accident within the first twelve months of being licensed and as such are considered risky by standard markets.

2) Youthful Driver; Driver between the ages sixteen to twenty one are almost always considered youthful operators. Regardless of gender these drivers tend to very inexperience and are more likely to be involved in risky behavior. Male operators in this category tend to pose a greater risk for the insurance company and as such very risky for the standard market.

3) Bad Driver; Drivers of any age and or gender with several accidents and or moving violations within the last thirty six months are considered risky for the standard market. Lets face it! If you total loss two cars last year costing the insurance company thirty thousand dollars, which other insurance company will want to insure you knowing that there is a chance they may pay out another thirty thousand dollars next year.

4)Uninsured for longer that thirty days; Most standard companies consider drivers that are uninsured over thirty days risky. Most such drivers are declined coverage or may have to pay higher than normal premium.

5) Bad Credit; Please not call me about this. I kind of know what you are thinking now. What does credit have to do with insurance. I feel you. I used to think the same way years ago. Assuming everything being equal meaning you did not go through financial crisis like:divorce, job loss and the like. If you do not pay your bills then you are considered a bad risk for the standard market.

A huge segment of the population falls into any of these categories and that is when Maif auto insurance, Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund comes in to fill the gap.

We are also a tag title service, auto insurance agency,car insurance agency ,truck insurance agency, vehicle registration service, Md tag title service with two locations in Washington DC and Baltimore Metropolitan areas.We issue temporary tags giving you time to get your vehicle inspected. We issue two year tags if you come in with Maryland inspection that is no more than ninety days old. We issue tow truck tags, We issue historic tags for vehicles that are twenty years old or older and for limited vehicle use.We issue motor cycle tags.

We are also a full service Insurance Agency providing residents of Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia with almost every insurance product possible. From Personal to Commercial Insurance and to life and health product.

We have a good market heavy commercial trucking operations, From single owner operator to large fleets.

We ca provide quotes for dump truck insurance, Tow truck insurance, long haul trucking insurance, cement truck insurance,commercial vehicle insurance, seguros de vehiculos comerciales, seguro de vehiculo de trabajo, seguro de camion,seguro de vida,

Types of Plates:
Regular MD plates
Bay Plates
Agricultural Plates
Historic Plates
Motor Cycle Plates
Historic Motor Cycle Plates
Tow Truck Plates
Dump Truck Plates

If you want to register your vehicle but are not insured then we can help with that also. If you are a first time driver we can get you the lowest possible price. We are a Maif agent or Maryland automobile insurance fund agent, progressive agent, Safeco agent, Travelers agent and several other insurance companies.